Year Programme


The Alexander Technique : Hawkwood College, Stroud, Glos.

30th August – 1st September 2019

New Directions


I am very much looking forward to the annual weekend at Hawkwood College.

It will run from Friday afternoon 3.15 pm until Sunday afternoon 4pm. We will continue with the tradition of starting each day with an optional quiet period preceded by a little T’ai Chi.

Béatrice and I will be probably joined by a third teacher at Hawkwood. Some AT teachers working with musicians have been exploring new ways of understanding the use of the arms. This can apply to everyone so we will include these insights. Also I have recently been working with the resolution of Primitive Reflexes and this work will also be touched on in the weekend – these aspects will be part of the “different again” elements.

The programme will include both group work and individual sessions and it will be reflecting the continuing development and depth of understanding and experience of the Alexander Technique that each year brings. We have new ways of helping you to release, to lengthen and to widen. So it will be different again, as ever.

The weekend will once again be suitable both for those with experience of the Technique and those with little or no experience of it.

We are confident that everyone will benefit and enjoy the workshop.

COST: Single £300  Shared £260  Non-res £220

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