Dart Developmental Procedures & The Elements

This event will take place on 6-13 July at YUVA Turkey

The Developmental processes are based on the exploratory work Prof. Raymond Dart carried out in the 1940’s. In this course, you will find the opportunity to experience the complete Dart Procedures in un-spoilt nature. The procedures parallel movement development from a situation of total safety and stillness on the earth through various stages of rising up from the earth’s surface to arrive finally at a state of upright poise and fine balance.

This is a very personal journey in which you will explore the movement developments from the fish body through amphibian, reptile mammal to primate which is mirrored in our individual growth. Linking with our ancestral past you will discover your own developmental process and emerge “newly born” into the future.

The course will be conducted within a framework of consciousness of the principles and practice of the F.M. Alexander Technique. By attending carefully to how you initiate every action you can gain greater awareness of your power of self-control and of what it means to let action emerge from stillness. Respecting the wisdom of Nature and her Elements, out of which we are made and which provide us with the context in which we humans live, will assist the process and deepen your experience.

‘Wonderful setting for the course’; ‘I am rejuvenated, refreshed, re-born, well-centred and stress free’

In July, Yuva is a wonderful retreat from the busy world. It’s an especially suitable location for this programme, as its un-spoilt nature and quietness are the ideal setting. There will be time between classes to take up what is offered at Yuva: its unique scenery, to relax, swim, go on local walks through the scented pine forest and along the coast to digest the insights gained.

Robin John Simmons SBAT MSTAT has been working with the Dart procedures since 1970. His book “The Evolution of Movement” is published by Mouritz and is based on the work of Prof. Raymond Dart linked to the Alexander Technique. He co-directs an approved Alexander Teacher Training School together with Béatrice in Zurich. Béatrice Simmons SBAT MSTAT has been teaching the F.M. Alexander Technique for over 25 years. Apart of the Training School she also offers private lessons in Brig and Zürich as well as Alchemy of Fragrances and the wisdom of ancient ones. The wisdom of nature inspires all her work.

Price: Early Birds until 6th April. Accommodation: €440 euros: 7 nights full-board based on sharing a twin room. Twin wood cabin as single + €92 (rooms 17 & 18), twin/triple stone house room as single + €140 (rooms 1-8). Single wood cabin €487 (rooms 15-22). Tuition €350. Full-board includes breakfast and dinner every day and lunch on five days. All prices exclude flights and transfers. After April 6th the basic price is + €50. Deposit on booking €350. Information:
+41 (0)78 602 2853

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