Welcome to Alexander Technique Switzerland and The Evolution of Movement Dart Procedures

"I thought the workshop was really good. Your teaching was clear, precise and deepened my understanding of some of the key aspects of the work. Thank you for the generosity and wisdom." - feedback from a recent workshop in Finland.


Our self-evolutionary processes give you a totally new experience of yourself. They have been proved to have therapeutic effects to help overcome many specific problems. Your posture improves, you have less tension, you get taller. You feel lighter, move with greater freedom and breathe more deeply, and by using yourself with graceful coordination and flowing strength you can realise your potential. You can rid yourself of pain, improve your performance in any skill, and prevent damage. The benefits are long-term for lifetime and life-style improvement. The skills you learn with the Alexander Technique can be brought to enhance and improve any other activity you are doing including all action skills and movement activities. Top sportspeople, Hollywood film actors and top musicians use these processes to add to their confidence and deal with stress. See our Testimonials for more descriptions of how what we offer can help you.

"I learnt that I could use my back as an integrated and flexible whole instead of moving myself as if I was several separate segments. Wow! I was a new person!" (J.M. Fitness Trainer)