COURSES FOR 2017 - 2018

JAN.: Odense, Denmark / FEBRUARY: Bangalore, India / JUNE: Tattenhall, Cheshire &  Hawkwood College, UK / JULY: Yuva, Turkey  OCTOBER/NOVEMBER Bangalore & Mumbai INDIA
2018  Dart Procedures Course AMSTERDAM

Robin & Béatrice are very experienced teachers and teacher trainers of the Alexander Technique. They have been giving courses for many years. Typical responses to these courses are remarks such as: "You have given me my body back", "My pain has gone and I feel much better able to manage any recurrence", "I left feeling lengthened and widened and more confident".

The Dart Procedures: a one-day course for AT teachers & senior trainees

At The Constructive Teaching Centre, Imperial Wharf, London

Saturday 3rd June  13.00-18.00

In this course you will learn the basics of the Dart Procedures and also how to apply them in giving lessons in the Alexander Technique.

SEE DETAILS HERE: CTC Dart June 2017.pdf

The Alexander Technique : Hawkwood College, Stroud, Glos.

16-18 June 2017

Being Sensitive to Yourself

JUNE 16th-18th 2017

I am very much looking forward to the annual weekend at Hawkwood College.

It will run from Friday afternoon 4pm until Sunday afternoon 4pm. We will continue with the tradition of starting each day with a quiet period preceded by a little T’ai Chi.

This year Béatrice will again be coming and we may also get another teacher to join us. Meanwhile our training school continues in Zürich and there are as ever more new developments in the Alexander “world” including further confirmation in neuroscience of Alexander's findings.

The programme will include both group work and individual sessions and I can guarantee it will be reflecting the continuing development and depth of understanding and experience of the Alexander Technique that each year brings. We have new ways of helping you to release, to lengthen and to widen! So it will be different again, as ever!

The weekend will once again be suitable both for those with experience of the Technique and those with little or no experience of it.

We are confident that everyone will benefit and enjoy the workshop.

SEE DETAILS HERE: Hawkwood Leaflet 2017.pdf

The Hawkwood College website is

"The Evolution of Movement"

Kurs in YUVA, Türkei

24 Juli - 31 2017

Die Procedures von Prof. Dart wie er sie praktiziert hat.

Dies ist eine Gelegenheit, die komplette Abfolge Dart's "Evolution der Bewegung" in Verbindung mit der Weisheit der Natur und ihrer Elemente fern von Hektik und Stress des Alltags in einer besonderen Umgebung in unberührter Natur an der türkischen Meeresküste zu erleben. Die Woche ist für alle geeignet, die sich entweder privat oder professionell für Bewegung, innere Balance oder das Loslassen von versteckter Verspannung interessieren.
Um einen Platz (Einzel/Dopplezimmer) in den angenehm ausgestatteten Holzchalets von Yuva zu reservieren, kontaktieren Sie bitte die Organisatorin Béatrice Simmons (Phone +41 (0) 786022838).

Um uns zu kontaktieren gehen Sie bitte zur rechten oberen Ecke dieser Seite

“Thank you both for teaching how to get taller, to have a better posture, to feel great and so we can enjoy our life!“




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