Robin John Simmons SBAT MSTAT
Teacher and internationally approved teacher trainer of F.M. Alexander Technique
Teacher of T'ai Chi Ch'uan
Teacher of Evolutionary Procedures of Prof. Raymond Dart (Author of "The Evolution of Movement")
Instructor of Nordic Walking
1967 Drama Centre London - studied work of Rudolf Laban
1969-74 T'AI CHI CH'UAN training: John Yalenezian / Dr. Chi Chiang Tao / Seeow Poon Shing
1969-71 F.M. ALEXANDER TECHNIQUE: Trained as teacher of F.M.A.T. Constructive Teaching Centre, London under Walter & Dilys Carrington.
1970 Began the study of the Evolutionary Procedures of Prof.Dart
1971-present Robin has given many hundreds of individual lessons. Among well-known pupils can be mentioned Sting, Terence Stamp, Michael Palin, Lulu, Gabriel Byrne, Carol Drinkwater, Alexander Baillie, Emma Kirkby, Anna Stéphany and other well knowns.
1972 First Alexander Technique teacher in Holland
1982 Began training teachers of A.T. :London - trained over 100 teachers to date.
1984-86 Treasurer of STAT
2001 STAT representative for Business & Industry.

Invited to Istanbul to present AT to Ziraat Bank Worked in Saatchi & Saatchi, Noranda Corporation, Advanced Seating Designs. On STAT Moderator panel & Moderated AT training school in UK and also on STAT Teacher Training Course Committee until moved to Switzerland.

Alexander Teacher in residence at Lanserhof, Lans, Austria
Dez 2002 Moved to Switzerland
Jan 2003 Gave Forum Presentation to Swiss AT Society
May 2005 Qualified NORDIC WALKING Instructor
Oct 2006 Invited to give 8 workshops on different themes and also present the Keynote speech at the Australian AT Society AGM Sydney Australia
Aug 2008 Presents two workshops on the Dart procedures at the Alexander International Congress Lugano
Feb/April 2009 Gave presentation to Rotary Group Saas-Fee & to Ferienart (5 Star hotel in Saas-Fee)
April & Nov 2010 Presents seminar/workshops to the Swiss PostAuto drivers in Wallis & Sion region of CH
Aug 2011 Presents two workshops on the Dart Procedures at the Alexander International Congress Lugano
April 2012 Together with Béatrice we run the first one-week workshop in Turkey on the Alexander Technique
June & Oct 2013 Béatrice and Robin run 2 workshops in Turkey: Evolution of Movement & A.T.
June & August 2014 Béatrice and Robin run 2 workshops this year: one in the UK & one in Turkey.
Spring 2014 Robin becomes the Alexander Technique consultant and also the T'ai Chi consultant at the Zurich Clinic.
May 2015 Robin & Béatrice give a successful weekend workshop at Hawkwood College, Stroud, UK
June 2015 Robin's book THE EVOLUTION OF MOVEMENT is published and he gives several workshops in London and Bournemouth on the Procedures of Prof. Raymond Dart.

Presentation at the University of Kent UK. Robin gives a very well received presentation "Your Use of Your Hand" at the University of Kent on the Use of the Hand as part of a 3 day conference on the Anthropology of the Hand.
August 2015 Robin joins his colleague Malcolm Balk at the International Congress of Teachers of the Alexander Technique in Limerick Ireland where they jointly present a Continuous Learning Programme on the Art of Running and the Alexander Technique entitled "Humans are Evolved to Run". Robin takes 50 copies of his book to the Congress and sells them all!
March 2016 Robin gives 2 workshop/seminars in the UK on the Evolution of Movement & the Dart Procedures. One is at the major London acting school The Central School of Speech & Drama. Both workshops were very well received.
October 1st 2016 Move to our present location at Dufourstrasse 131, 8008 Zürich
October 2016 Robin & Béatrice are invited to give AT & Evolution of Movement presentations and individual lessons in Bangalore, India. Robin gives presentations at 2 hospitals by invitation: one 2 day workshop on AT & one 2-day workshop on The Evolution of Movement.
November 2016 Robin & Béatrice travel to England with the students from the training school. We visit 4 schools and then run the annual weekend workshop at Hawkwood College, Stroud, Glos. which was well attended.
December 2016 Robin runs a weekend workshop on The Evolution of Movement in Brescia, Italy. Again,excellent feedback.
January 2017 Robin is invited to give a lecture presentation at the University of Southern Denmark hospital in Odense, Denmark: "Integrated Medicine - Alexander Technique for Disease Prevention and Enhancing Human Health". He will also give individual AT sessions. Then there will follow a weekend workshop on "The Evolution of Movement".
Robin has given workshops in many European Countries including Denmark, Sweden, Holland, Greece, Switzerland, Turkey, Ireland, Austria, UK (England, Scotland, Wales, Guernsey) and in Australia. Robin has given many presentations on different themes connected to F.M. Alexander Technique on Congresses & elsewhere:
A.T. & Seating
A.T. & Running
A.T. & Tennis
A.T. & Skiing
A.T. & Golf
A.T. & Nordic Walking
A.T. & Dart Evolutionary Procedures
A.T. & its Application to the world of business and the workplace
A.T. & its application to the Disabled
A.T. & T'ai Chi
A.T. & Car & bus driving

Married to Béatrice Heiz:
Alexander Teacher, Shamanic Counsellor, Fragrance Consultant, Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapist
Residence: Termerstrasse 61, 3911 Ried-Brig, Switzerland


Béatrice Simmons SBAT MSTAT
Teacher and Teacher-Trainer of the F.M. Alexander Technique, Co-Director of ATLAZ
Shamanic Practitioner, Consultations & Ceremonies,
Aroma Creations & Consultations,
Tibetan Singing Bowl Practitioner
I was born in 1955 in Biel Switzerland. After my studies in History, Ethnology, Social & Economic History in Zürich I decided in 1986 to train to teach the Alexander Technique and qualified as a teacher in 1989. Since then I am working with the Alexander Technique and I am a member of the professional bodies in Switzerland (SBAT) and the U.K. (MSTAT), as well as being recognised by the Affiliated Societies of the Alexander Technique worldwide.
Together with my husband, Robin Simmons, I have been directing the the teacher-training programme of our approved training school first in London and now in Zürich. I also have given Alexander Technique lessons at The Nordoff Robbins Music Therapy Centre, London, The Noranda
Corporation of Canada in London, The Ziraat Bank, Istanbul and the Musikkonservatorium, Zürich. In Zürich I also have given a television interview explaining the Alexander Technique. At present I am co-directing our training school ATLAZ in Zürich and also giving individual private lessons.
I have been working for many years with essential oils and I was the co-founder of the Society for Aromatology and Aromatherapy (Veroma) under Martin Henglein, and co-organised the first International Congress for Aromatherapy in Switzerland. My long-time experience in this field is reflected in my many aroma creations, bath essences and perfumes, and I give fragrance consultations.
From 2011-2013 I in addition trained in the practice of Tibetan Singing Bowl Therapy.
On my life path I have, from a young age, worked with different healers and shamans, and I have completed the shamanic teacher training programme of Sandra Ingerman by which I am authorized to teach this wisdom. I am also initiated into the Wolven Path Shamanic Tradition in Canada.
In my shamanic consultations I accompany people along their life path and support their search for themselves and their healing, and I am applying my knowledge individually in each case. In different seminars in Switzerland and abroad I am sharing my knowledge and experiences in workshops and individual consultations. This work has brought me to England, Canada, Turkey, Greece, Austria and India and I am regularly asked to give workshops and presentations at International Shamanic Congresses.
My home bases in Switerland are in Zürich and in Brig. CONTACT: